Investment Process

Our investment philosophy stresses a long-term, diversified approach to financial growth. Investment management begins with a complete analysis of all investments, including personal and trust accounts, as well as IRA and other retirement accounts. 

We view your existing investments through the lens of your financial goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and liquidity and cash flow needs. We will also consider the tax efficiency of the investments and other factors that may affect your success. 

With those factors in mind, we:

  • Review the overall asset allocation
  • Evaluate each investments’ performance and risk metrics
  • Identify underlying holdings for overlap or redundancy

If we determine, through this process, that you would benefit from changes to your portfolio, we will undertake our standard investment selection process to provide recommendations. The same factors are considered as listed above. We have no proprietary interest in any specific investment, so we are able to consider the full universe of investment options, including separately managed accounts, unified managed accounts, and alternative investments. 

To the right is an illustration of our process. Although our process is systematic, our clients receive personalized service and solutions. 

Investment Process