Financial Strategy for Physicians

Financial Strategy Associates works with many physicians on crafting their “prescription” for financial success. Investment management and financial planning for physicians can be similar to that of other professionals; however, the evolving health care landscape creates unique financial challenges for physicians. Challenges that we are experts in managing. 

We work with physicians in all stages of life and in their careers. Whether you are a new doctor managing student loan payments or a tenured professional seeking help with retirement preparedness, tax efficiency, and legacy concerns, the team at Financial Strategy Associates, Inc., can help. 

The following are some of the areas we focus on with our physician clients.

  • Investing for Retirement
    Many physicians do not start saving for retirement until their 30s. This is the result of the lengthy education and training requirements for those who wish to pursue a career in medicine. Loan payments may also pose an obstacle to savings. Whether you were able to start early or missed some years as you established your practice, we can help you craft a solid strategy and maximize your investments for retirement. 

  • Risk Management
    Physicians face unique financial planning risks, particularly if they run their own practice. Financial Strategy Associates, Inc., helps doctors identify the personal and professional risks they face and will recommend the appropriate strategy to mitigate them. We will work with you to understand the types and amounts of insurance you need to protect your business and your family. 

  • Tax Efficiency
    One way we can help you protect your hard-earned wealth is by developing the most tax-efficient strategy in line with your goals. We consider investment taxation as well as more complex tax mitigation strategies to protect your family now and in the future. 

  • Charitable Giving
    Many of our physician clients are active philanthropists. Our team will work with you on crafting a charitable giving plan that gives back—and strengthens your own overall financial wellness. 

  • Legacy Planning
    Perhaps no other profession is as attuned to the reality of mortality than medicine. This means that our physician clients have typically given thought to how their family—and their legacy—will thrive when they are gone. Financial Strategy Associates, Inc., works with our doctor clients and their other professionals, such as attorneys and CPAs, to craft a plan that truly honors the richness of their lives.

Now that you have learned more about our expertise in financial planning for physicians, please explore our site or contact us to learn how we can help you.