Charitable Strategy

Many of our clients have made charitable giving a key part of their personal mission and their financial strategy. We take an active interest in our clients’ charitable goals. Not only do we enjoy hearing about different organizations and what led our clients to support them, but we also understand the nuances of advanced charitable strategies. These strategies have helped our clients preserve and transfer their wealth in a rewarding and efficient way. 

Individual Charitable Contribution Planning
If you have a single organization to which you donate or you prefer to donate cash to a charitable organization, we can discuss how your donations may affect your tax situation. 

A private foundation provides the greatest control of any charitable-giving vehicle. It establishes a legacy of giving, helps you involve the family in philanthropy, and provides an immediate tax deduction for gifts that are made in the future. 

Donor-Advised Funds
Your charitable strategy may necessitate a donor-advised fund (DAF), which conveys many benefits:

  • Ability to donate assets other than cash. Many of our clients have been able to give more to the charities they support by using a DAF, which allows for the contribution of cash, appreciated assets, real estate, privately held stock, insurance, and interests in LPs and LLCs.
  • Flexibility. You may donate assets to a DAF to receive tax advantages immediately and recommend charities to distribute them to later. This allows you the flexibility give on your timetable and in line with your strategy.
  • Investment management. Unlike giving a one-time donation directly to an organization, you do not lose the ability to control the growth of your assets when you contribute to a DAF. We can discuss specific goals for the assets within your DAF and craft an investment plan around them.

Private Foundations
Some of our clients have worked with us to establish a private foundation, which is a way for a single family or business to control their own charitable entity. This type of strategy has some of the same benefits as a DAF, but there are also unique features relative to legacy planning, taxation, and types of assets that may be donated. 

Understanding the complexities of giving can be cumbersome; we want to make your charitable-giving endeavors simple and rewarding. You can have this experience with the experts at Financial Strategy Associates, Inc., on your side. If you want to learn how we can help you “do well by doing good,” please contact us at 781.455.1020 or at