There are many advantages to working with Financial Strategy Associates, Inc. We are pleased to share the reasons that so many clients have chosen to work with us. We look forward to learning yours!

  • Independence. We are an independent financial planning and investment management firm. We are not beholden to any proprietary products or sales quotas and free to provide you with sound, impartial advice.  
  • Experience. Our firm has a 20+-year history of helping clients attain financial well-being. All the advisors of our firm have advanced credentials in the investment and planning fields and proven, lengthy track records in the financial services industry. 
  • Transparency. We offer advisory relationships, through which our clients pay a straightforward fee for our services. This type of relationship ensures that we prosper as our clients prosper and we sit on the same side of the table. 
  • Comprehensive Financial Management. We coordinate all aspects of your financial well-being from wealth growth to protection to distribution. 
  • Investment Expertise. One of our managing partners has managed a multibillion-dollar investment platform, and we have access to a full team of investment research analysts to provide support to our investment decisions. 
  • Personalized Customer Service. You are never a number at our firm. We treat each of our clients the way we’d like to be treated, as a valued member of our Financial Strategy Associates, Inc., family. 
  • Relationship Focus. We provide consistent communication, regular meetings, and accessibility to all of our clients. We believe that building a relationship is at the heart of creating successful financial outcomes for our clients. 
  • Security. We adhere to strict client confidentiality agreements and do not share any personal client information with third parties. Our processes include stringent data security and all investments with us are protected by SIPC. 
  • Simplicity. We will partner with your professionals, or recommend professionals you need, in order to tackle all elements of your financial well-being. We make pursuing your financial vision easy and enjoyable.